• Lantra level 3 award in aerial tree rigging
  • NPTC level 3 aerial cutting of trees with a chainsaw using free-fall techniques
  • NPTC level 3 carry out aerial pruning of a tree
  • NPTC level 3 fell and process trees over 380mm
  • NPTC level 2 access a tree using a rope and harness
  • NPTC level 2 carry out aerial rescue operations
  • NPTC CS30 felling small trees up to 380mm
  • NPTC CS31 safe use and maintenance of a chainsaw
  • Certificate in basic tree survey & hazard evaluation
  • IPAF operation of mobile elevation work platforms
  • Lantra certificate - Woodchipper


  • City and Guilds NVQ level 2 - Decorative horticulture
  • City and guilds NVQ level 2 - amenity horticulture
  • NPTC PA6 pesticides hand held applicators.
  • NPTC PA6AW pesticides handheld applicators on/near water.
  • NPTC PA1 safe use of pesticides
  • Certificate in treatment of invasive weeds using stem injection
  • Specialized training brushcutter/grass trimmer - safe operation and maintenance
  • AQA basic bricklaying

Health and Safety